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Keeping Your Pool Area Safe

Keeping Your Pool Area Safe

Aug 18, 2020 / by administrator

Children are often our first thought when the topic of pool safety come up. Keeping the pool area child-friendly is certainly important; after all, they are the most at risk if left unattended. However, pool safety is also incredibly important for adults. Being relaxed on pool safety guidelines can lead to serious consequences.

To help ensure your pool is safe for everyone, here are guidelines that all pool owners should implement:

Installing a Pool Fence 

Let’s start with the most obvious – fencing your pool. In NSW and across Australia, there are strict laws requiring all pool owners to install a reliable pool fence. Sadly, inadequate pool fencing still remains a major contributing factor in the rate of drowning among children under 5 years of age.

In NSW, a pool fence must:

  • Be at least 1.2m high (as measured from the finished ground level)
  • Not leave a gap at the bottom greater than 10cm from the finished ground level
  • Not have gaps of more than 10cm between any vertical bars in the fence
  • Have horizontal climbable bars at least 90cm apart (if applicable)

No-Climbing Zone 

Ensure that there is nothing left in the yard or around the pool that could be used to climb over the fence. As a responsible pool owner, make your yard a no-climbing zone where any toys, tables, chairs or other furniture that could be used as a climbing prop are safely kept far from the fence and out of reach of children.

Regular Maintenance 

Checking the pool and equipment periodically helps to keep a healthy and safe environment for you and your family to swim. Cover any sharp edges and protruding bolts and check the stability of ladders and railings, repairing any that are defective. Replace non-slip materials when they wear out.

Educate Everyone about Pool Safety 

Pool safety comes down to education, from adults to children. Caution individuals who behave dangerously in the pool area about the risks they are taking and the example they are setting if children are present. Teach children to swim as early as possible and educate them about pool safety rules and why they are important to follow.
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