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Dive into Fun: Best Family Pool Games from Outback Pools

Dive into Fun: Best Family Pool Games from Outback Pools

Mar 2, 2024 / by administrator

Now that your family has the perfect pool installed, courtesy of Outback Pools, it’s time to maximise the fun with some engaging pool games. Pool games are not just about entertainment; they’re a great way to encourage physical activity, strengthen family bonds, and create lasting memories. Here are some of the best family pool games to dive into for endless summer enjoyment.

1. Marco Polo

A classic pool game that never gets old, Marco Polo is the aquatic version of tag. One person is “it” and must keep their eyes closed while they try to tag the other players, using only their ears to locate them. Players respond with “Polo” when “Marco” is called out, making it a fun and challenging game for all ages.

2. Treasure Hunt

This game involves throwing waterproof items (like diving rings or sticks) into the pool for players to retrieve. You can make it competitive by assigning points to different items based on their difficulty to find. It’s a fantastic way to encourage diving skills and underwater swimming.

3. Dolphin Races

Participants must race from one end of the pool to the other, using only dolphin kicks (legs together, moving in a wave-like motion). This game is not only fun but also a great workout and an opportunity to practice swimming techniques.

4. Water Volleyball

All you need is a volleyball and a net (or even a makeshift one) to enjoy this game. Water volleyball can be adapted for players of all ages and skill levels, making it a perfect family game. The water adds an extra challenge to the game, ensuring plenty of laughs and splashes.

5. Pool Noodle Joust

Each player mounts a floating device and uses a pool noodle to joust with their opponent, trying to knock them off their float. This game is a hilarious way to engage in some friendly competition while staying cool.

6. Shark in the Pool

One player is designated as the “shark” and must try to tag the other players, who are the “fish.” Once tagged, a fish becomes a shark and helps tag the remaining fish. The game continues until all fish have been turned into sharks. It’s a thrilling game that keeps everyone moving and engaged.

7. Ping-Pong Scramble

Throw a bunch of ping-pong balls into the pool and assign each color a point value. Players must collect as many balls as they can within a set time frame. This game is excellent for all ages and encourages swimming and coordination.


Installing a pool is just the beginning of creating a backyard haven for your family. With these engaging pool games, your family can enjoy countless hours of fun, exercise, and togetherness. Outback Pools is proud to be part of creating these joyful family moments and is always here to ensure your pool remains the perfect setting for making memories.