Our thanks and appreciation

Dear staff of Outback Pools,

We wish to express our thanks and appreciation for the manner in which this entire project has been carried out. this applies not just to the quality of your work in the construction of the pool but to your attention to detail, the courtesy of all your staff with whom we have had dealings, either personally or by phone and the manner in which you have always communicated with us when arrangements have necessitated this. In saying this we realise that the project has been in progress over a considerable period of time usually related to our building progress. Yet, you have always willingly slotted in your work as and when required.

Late this afternoon we were able to all enjoy the pool as a family. It is certainly up to, if not in excess or, our expectations. We hope to complete the landscaping around the pool shortly with grass, plants and palms to suitably complement the pool, as it should be.

Finally, we would be more than happy to convey our impressions to future clients should you wish to put them in touch with us.

Once again, our thanks and appreciation.

Yours faithfully

Warren & Cheryl

Personal Service

Dear Daniel and Team,

I would like to say a very big thank-you to the team at Outback Pools for the personal service and professional attitude that you showed throughout the construction of the pool.

All staff and sub-contractors turned up when they stated and if there was any issue or delay we were advised prior to commencing any work. Outback Pools made the whole process of having the pool built very easy and hassle free. It made our job very easy as we did not need to worry about any details as it was all covered.

I would highly recommend anyone who is considering building a pool to contact Outback Pools and the service and work ethic and finished quality of the job is second to none. I have no hesitation of any perspective client to please call me or wish to come and inspect the work of Outback Pools.

Guys, thanks again for an outstanding achievement and I look forward to enjoying the pool in coming months.

Ian & Pam

Great team effort

Dear Daniel,

I would like to express my thanks for the great job you and your team did in building our pool.

It was a more complex process than I realised, involving many individuals, what a great team effort!

Thank you for your ongoing support through out the project.


A Pleasure

Dear Daniel,

When we decided to install a pool, never having done so before, we sought the advice of others in the area who’d already gone through the exercise….. our aim is to ensure that nothing would go wrong.

An experienced neighbour’s response, though, suggested a different approach.

“Everyone wants that,” he said “but something always goes wrong. What you really need is someone who’ll look after you when it happens”

It was the wisest counsel we received. Matched only by his recommendation of Outback.

Your recent good faith address of a problem not directly of your making, years after the completion of the pool, has yet again underlined that wisdom, as has your company’s cordial and prompt assistance with our every need since the project began.

For the latest consideration, and all the others, we thank you most sincerely.

Because they have made our pool ownership a pleasure.

Paul & Cynthia

Thank You

We are writing to say a big THANK YOU to Outback Pools for all you did for us during the building of our new pool. Your input of ideas made a big difference to us.

We were impressed with your overall attention to detail and craftsmanship that went into the construction of our new pool. Daniel kept us regularly up to date with the progress of our pool and the job was finished on time, which was very important for us.

We are one hundred percent happy with our pool and can thoroughly recommend Outback Pools and their crew to anyone contemplating building a new pool.

Daniel was easily contactable whenever we had any queries and he answered all our questions and concerns with promptness.

We thank him for making our construction of our pool such a pleasant experience and if anyone asks us for a reliable pool builder who is committed to building top quality pools we will certainly, tell them about our positive experience with Outback Pools.

George and Sophie

Long time customer

I am pleased to provide this testimonial for Outback Pools to attest to the level of knowledge and understanding surrounding the Construction and Servicing requirements associated with Swimming Pools.

Our association with the people behind this business stems some 40 years, and you may ask how is this so, as Outback Pools have only been in operation now for some 36  years.  We should qualify this by saying that the principal, Roger Stephens constructed a swimming pool for us previously, when he was the Construction Manager for Messrs Mermaid Pools, as such was the impression that was created by his ability to interpret our needs, and to translate those into reality, that when we were again “in the market”, we only felt the need to call upon one Company to assist us in the design, construction and subsequent service of our new pool.

The pool we built was individually designed, and therefore purpose built to accommodate the unique nature of the property, and whilst the construction of the structure provided several ‘headaches’ for all concerned, nothing seemed to phase them, as the finished product was paramount.

This pool was constructed over 20 years ago and has stood the test of time, both in the quality of workmanship and the standard of finishes that still allow us to receive several praises on how the pool still looks.

Over the years we have had the occasion from time to time to call upon this Company for some service needs, and whilst we would appear to be outside of their Catchment area, there has never been a problem, with the service forthcoming as a matter of courtesy. It is in this regard that we have witnessed the succession of the business now involving Roger’s son Daniel, who from our dealings, has inherited all of his father’s qualities and knowledge, and appears to be bringing to the business the new philosophies to keep them ahead of the competition.

We would be pleased to expand on the above and would welcome any further enquiry.

Yours faithfully,

Neale and Kerry P

PS. Should we again be in the market for another Pool, we will again be contacting Outback.