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5 Reasons Why You Need to Build a Concrete Pool

There are three main types of swimming pools that are commonly used today; concrete, fibreglass, and vinyl. Out of these three concrete pools are easily the most popular in Australia and for good reason. Today we're going to provide 5 reasons why.

Keeping your swimming pool in great condition doesn't have to be the herculean task that it sometimes seems to be. Through intermittent, ongoing management, you can ensure that your prized pool stays

in pristine condition all year round.

At Outback Pools, we have compiled a list of a new tips and insider tricks to maintain the perfect swimming pool for veteran pool owners and novices alike.

The age old debate between pool owners has always been whether to run a salt water pool or a chlorine pool. Both types certainly have their relative merits and their unique traits, which have to be carefully considered before making a commitment to either type.

Outback Pools is here to help filter through the information and explain some of the keystone differences between the two options.

So you have decided to build a swimming pool for your home, but one key question still remains; should we build a concrete or fibreglass pool? Concrete and fibreglass are the two most popular types of pools in Australia and both have their merits. What is really right for you comes down to what you value and are looking for in your pool.

Up until 2008, the majority of swimming pools were equipped with inefficient single speed pumps. Since then, variable speed pumps have become more and more available to consumers. These multi speed pumps are the very top of the line in pump technology and are a must have.


At Outback Pools we love to educate our current and potential clients on the very best in swimming pool accessories. In this blog we will talk a little bit about the golden standard of swimming pool pumps.


Australia is known for its hot, dry summers. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool on your property, taking a dip on a warm summer day is as good as it gets.


To ensure your swimming pool is as safe as it is fun, make sure you have the right equipment. With the right products and accessories, you’re swimming pool will be as enjoyable and as safe as it can be.

If you’ve recently purchased a new swimming pool, prepare to start making a splash. With your newest form of outdoor entertainment, summers will be cooler, parties will be longer and enjoyment will be unending. Well, almost unending.


If you really want that enjoyment to last, it’s important to regularly clean your pool and have it professionally serviced. Dirty and unmaintained pools can lead to water contamination, which can severely impact on the health of your family. As a new pool owner, the last thing you want is for your pool to become contaminated with bacteria.


For the best quality clean with the least possible effort, we recommend speaking to a professional.

Swimming is a great way to keep fit and healthy all year round. Our pool, much like our bodies, needs to be kept healthy too. An unclean pool not only breeds bacteria, it can lead to serious health complications for a swimmer. If you want to get the most out of your pool, keeping it clean will allow you to use it all the time.

A swimming pool is one of the best investments you could ever make. Not only does it add significant value to your home, it is a great way to keep fit and active. If you are in the market for a pool, there are several factors to take into consideration. Aside from the cost to install the pool, the other big decision you need to make is the material.

It’s the middle of a hot, dry summer. You need some much-needed relief from the heat and decide to go for a swim in your pool. You put your swimming shorts on but you soon realise that you can’t use your pool. In fact, it’ll be days before the repairman comes to unblock the drain.


Sadly, this is an all too common occurrence for hot and bothered homeowners. If you have recently purchased a pool, it is important to maintain it thoroughly. Here are our tips for first-time pool owners.

Let's be honest – at one point or another, most of us have peed in the pool. Whether we want to admit it or not, swimming pools are often used as a toilet. It might sound funny at first, but that’s before you stop to consider the potential health hazards.


The next time you are in a pool and need to go, get out of the water and use the toilets. Sanitation and courtesy go a long way to preventing the spread of disease.


Installing a pool in your backyard is a big investment, so you want to make sure you get it right. The most vital decision that you’ll make about your pool is who you choose as your pool provider. The pool builder that you choose should have plenty of experience installing and maintaining pools and other features, as well as excellent customer support, among other characteristics.


Looking for a pool provider? We’ll give you some things to look out for.

We’re lucky to have some pretty mild winters in Sydney. Nevertheless, the change in climate is very evident, whether you’re feeling the frigid early morning chill in Penrith or the monsoon season by the coast. With winter coming up, it’s time to think about how you should be preparing your pool to last the winter season and be ready to use again in the spring. Preparing your pool for winter may depend on where you live but you might not have to shut it down and cover it completely.

The residents of Sydney are very in tune with the many ways to be environmentally friendly. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting a touch of luxury in our home lives!

If you are building a swimming pool in your backyard but are concerned about your effect on the environment, there are many eco-friendly pool options available to you.

As the cold, wet weather sets in, going for a swim is probably the last thing you want to do. Many of us simply cover our pools and dream of the day they can be opened up to the sun again. Even though your pool will not receive the same thoroughfare as it did in the warmer months, regular maintenance is still required to keep it in top condition for the first glimpses of summer.

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