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Warren & Cheryl

Our thanks & appreciation

Dear staff of Outback Pools,

We wish to express our thanks and appreciation for the manner in which this entire project has been carried out. this applies not just to the quality of your work in the construction of the pool but to your attention to detail, the courtesy of all your staff with whom we have had dealings, either personally or by phone and the manner in which you have always communicated with us when arrangements have necessitated this. In saying this we realise that the project has been in progress over a considerable period of time usually related to our building progress. Yet, you have always willingly slotted in your work as and when required.

Late this afternoon we were able to all enjoy the pool as a family. It is certainly up to, if not in excess or, our expectations. We hope to complete the landscaping around the pool shortly with grass, plants and palms to suitably complement the pool, as it should be.

Finally, we would be more than happy to convey our impressions to future clients should you wish to put them in touch with us.

Once again, our thanks and appreciation.