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Paul & Cynthia

A Pleasure

Dear Daniel,

When we decided to install a pool, never having done so before, we sought the advice of others in the area who’d already gone through the exercise….. our aim is to ensure that nothing would go wrong. An experienced neighbour’s response, though, suggested a different approach.

“Everyone wants that,” he said “but something always goes wrong. What you really need is someone who’ll look after you when it happens” It was the wisest counsel we received. Matched only by his recommendation of Outback.

Your recent good faith address of a problem not directly of your making, years after the completion of the pool, has yet again underlined that wisdom, as has your company’s cordial and prompt assistance with our every need since the project began.

For the latest consideration, and all the others, we thank you most sincerely.

Because they have made our pool ownership a pleasure.