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Essential Swimming Pool Safety Items

Australia is known for its hot, dry summers. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool on your property, taking a dip on a warm summer day is as good as it gets.

 To ensure your swimming pool is as safe as it is fun, make sure you have the right equipment. With the right products and accessories, you’re swimming pool will be as enjoyable and as safe as it can be.


It’s the Law

If you have an in-ground pool in your backyard, it is mandatory to follow pool fencing laws. In New South Wales, homeowners are required to register their swimming pool and will be issued with a certificate of registration. Pool fences must be compliant with the required measurements.

They must:

  • Be a minimum 1.2m high. Measured from the finished ground level
  • Have no gaps bigger than 10cm from the bottom of the fence to ground level
  • Have no gaps bigger than 10cm between the vertical bars in the fence
  • Have a minimum 90cm gap between horizontal bars in the fence

Whether your fence is held together with screws, bolts or fasteners, it must be tight and in good condition (no rust). Gates should always be checked and well lubricated with the right oil. These measures help to prevent children from drowning in the pool. If you are unsure about the measurements of your pool fence, it is best to contact a pool builder in Sydney for an inspection.


Better to Be Safe Than Sorry

Not all equipment is required by law, but you can never compromise on safety. If you’re apool owner with young children, there are a number of items you can invest in to prevent the unthinkable. Although they are not required by law, you can never be too careful with the safety of your family. These items include:

  • Motion detectors
  • Pool covers (although all owners should have one to help keep the pool clean)
  • Gate alarms
  • Pool alarms
  • Lifejackets (Ensure they are worn while a child swims)

By implementing these safety measures for your pool, you can help to prevent injury and promote safety. If your children want to go for a swim, always have an adult keeping an eye on them. Whenever you are around water, never compromise on the safety of others.

Going for a swim is one of the great pleasures of an Australian summer. If you are in the market for a concrete pool, contact the team at Outback Pools. Our qualified experts will discuss the best options for your dream pool. We can also help you with safety tips, legal regulations, and inspecting the fencing around your pool.