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Sydney is known for its hot, sunny and often dry weather during the summer months. This is why there is no better feeling than diving head first into a swimming pool to cool off. If you’ve always wanted your own backyard pool, now is the time to get it installed.

The Benefits of Concrete Pools

Concrete is one of the strongest and reliable materials in the world. Not only does it have a superior lifespan, it can be easily repaired and maintained. When it comes to swimming pool construction, many homeowners opt for concrete.

Other benefits of concrete pools include:

Flexibility in Design

Designing your pool is an enjoyable and creative process. Materials such as vinyl don’t offer the flexibility when designing a pool. With concrete, owners can even add personality to the pool by having a water feature or feature wall installed.

Room to Work With

Unlike fibreglass pools that come pre-packaged, concrete pools are made to your specific requirements. In fact, the bigger the pool, the better the construction. Concrete pools can be built as long or as deep as possible. Meaning, our builders have significant room to work with.

Added Value

Due to its durability, a concrete pool is a symbol of status in the property market. As such, a concrete pool will add significant value to your home, should you decide to sell.

The Building Process

At Outback Pools, our staff help clients with every stage of the building process. From the initial, obligation-free consultation, right up to completion. When talking to our team, we ensure you are confident throughout the entire process.

During the design period, you have a significant say in how you want your pool to look. During construction, our team will keep you updated with how everything is tracking. Once the pool is completed, we advise you on how to best maintain the pool. It is through client communication that we achieve the best results.


Our Range

As a concrete pool specialist, we have many pool designs available to help you choose the right pool. We showcase all pools, from small plunge pools to larger family pools, even luxury spas. The possibilities are endless with Outback Pools.

As Sydney’s premier concrete pool builder, our knowledge and service of swimming pools ensure clients are getting an exceptional service at the best price.

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