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Concrete or Fibreglass – What’s the Best Option for Swimming Pools?

So you have decided to build a swimming pool for your home, but one key question still remains; should we build a concrete or fibreglass pool? Concrete and fibreglass are the two most popular types of pools in Australia and both have their merits. What is really right for you comes down to what you value and are looking for in your pool.

 Interested in a Customised Pool?

If you want a unique pool, which is made just to suit your house, then concrete is definitely the way to go. Fibreglass pools are always pre-moulded into shapes, which cannot be altered. Concrete pools, on the other hand, are always made to order and can be made into a piece of art in your very own back yard.

Can You Commit to Maintenance?

Choosing a concrete pool will mean more maintenance will be required on a regular basis. Concrete pools need to be checked for calcium levels in the water quite regularly because of the physical properties of cement. The same is true for pH levels, meaning that more time and money will be spent in the long run. Fibreglass pools, however, will not need to be checked as regularly. If you do choose a concrete pool, Outback pools is always on hand to help you maintain and service your pool as often as need be.

What Depth Do You Need?

 How deep you need your pool can also influence what method of pool construction you choose. Concrete pools have the advantage of being customisable, and thus, can be built at a far greater depth than fibreglass bases. If you are in need of a pool that is greater than 8 feet in depth, for spring boarding or diving, you should consider a concrete pool. If depth is unimportant, then you may want to look at a fibreglass pool. This could especially be a consideration if you have young children who may not be comfortable in deeper water.

 Interested in finding out more about the different qualities of concrete and fibreglass pools? Simply contact Outback Pools to find out more today.