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Chlorine vs. Salt Water Pools

The age old debate between pool owners has always been whether to run a salt water pool or a chlorine pool. Both types certainly have their relative merits and their unique traits, which have to be carefully considered before making a commitment to either type.

Outback Pools is here to help filter through the information and explain some of the keystone differences between the two options.

Saltwater Pools

The natural feel of being in a salt water pool is one of the main drawcards for installing this chlorine alternative. The rejuvenating qualities of salt water have been long known and for many people, salt water pools are a way of life. These swimming pools use dissolved salt to keep the pool clean and sanitary, in conjunction with a salt water generator, to break down and add the salt to the water. Over time it is essential to incrementally add more salt to your system to maintain the desired level. One of the great things about salt water pools is how little you need to maintain the prevailing water properties. While at first, it will cost more than a chlorine pool to install, due to the expensive salt water generator, in the long run, the costs are far less.

Chlorine Pools

The traditional and most popular, type of swimming pool is the classic chlorine pool. Easy to install and very affordable upfront, chlorine pools have been a staple of many Australian households. The technology involved in installing chlorine pools has been circulating for over 50 years now and can easily be acquired. Chlorine pools are fitted with liquid control systems to add chlorine to the pool and automatically regulate the chlorine level of the swimming pool. These systems can come with or without a pH control system also. While chlorine pools are cheap to install, they are more difficult than salt water pools to maintain in the long run. Maintenance costs can often also be more costly.

The Verdict

The choice of chlorine vs salt water mostly comes down to price structure. If you are willing to pay significantly more in the short term to save time and money in the long run, then salt water is your best bet. Chlorine pools, meanwhile, are cheap and easy to install but require a watchful eye. Luckily, Outback Pools are fully equipped to help you purchase and install all the parts required for either kind.

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