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A Little Bit About Variable Speed Pumps

Up until 2008, the majority of swimming pools were equipped with inefficient single speed pumps. Since then, variable speed pumps have become more and more available to consumers. These multi speed pumps are the very top of the line in pump technology and are a must have.

 At Outback Pools we love to educate our current and potential clients on the very best in swimming pool accessories. In this blog, we will talk a little bit about the golden standard of swimming pool pumps.


Energy Saving

Traditional single speed pumps pump water at a quicker speed with more horsepower, leading to energy inefficiency. This means that these pumps are working overtime unnecessarily and will increase power costs dramatically. Variable pumps, on the other hand, use less horse power and operate far more cleanly and efficiently. Pumps do not always have to be working at the same speed as different conditions call for different ideal flow speed.


The Pentair Intellifo variable pump is especially adept at calculating the optimal speed, thanks to its ground breaking computer technology. In fact, the Intellifo saves 90% of energy compared to traditional pool pumps. Widely considered the best pump in the world, you can find it in stock in Outback Pools’ wide collection of swimming pool accessories.


Built to Last

Variable speed pool pumps are carefully crafted pieces of equipment that are made with longevity in mind. With the very best in engineering and technology, you know that you will have a piece of equipment that will last for many years. Many of the different variable pump options are manufactured with non-corrosive material, which makes sure that it does not suffer from water or chemical damage.

 At Outback Pools, we stock the biggest range of variable speed pool pumps in Western Sydney. Contact us to learn about our exalted range of fine products.