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Tuesday, 27 June 2017 09:27

Dive into the Environmentally Friendly Pool

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The Environmentally Friendly Pool The Environmentally Friendly Pool

The residents of Sydney are very in tune with the many ways to be environmentally friendly. But that doesn’t stop us from wanting a touch of luxury in our home lives!

If you are building a swimming pool in your backyard but are concerned about your effect on the environment, there are many eco-friendly pool options available to you.

Why You Should Go Green

There are many health and environmental benefits to choosing an eco-friendly pool. One of the main reasons is that chlorine, which most pool owners use to keep their pools sanitary, can present risks. Excessive exposure can irritate the skin, eyes, and respiratory system. Children who frequently play in pools have an increased risk of developing asthma and allergies. Chlorine exposure has also been linked to health problems in adults, from bladder and rectal cancer to coronary heart disease.

In addition, chlorine reacts with other chemicals and organic materials, forming things like chloride salts that are toxic to local waterways. When you drain at the end of the season, you could be putting plants and animals at risk.

Salt Water Pools

Many pool owners are looking towards saltwater pools in an attempt to go green. The ocean’s natural saline composition helps to keep everything in balance without the need for chlorine or other harsh chemicals.

The way it works is that saline pools will use a chlorine generator cell (like the Zodiac salt water chlorinator) and some bags of table salt in order to produce electrolysis, which turns the salt into chlorine and kills off algae and bacteria. So you’re left with an algae-free, mild saline pool that’s rather easy to maintain. And when you get out of the pool, you’ll feel silky instead of shrivelled.

Theralux Mineral Pool System

At Outback Pools, we supply and install the Theralux Mineral Pool system. This system combines an advanced filtration technology with a natural mineral formula that gives you a healthy, safe swimming environment that is very eco-friendly. You can swim in comfort, without stinging water and itchy skin or the bitter taste of salt water and the smell of chlorine.

By harnessing the cleansing elements found in natural mineral baths and oceans, such as magnesium chloride, Theralux not only gives you a clean and environmentally friendly swimming experience, but it also provides you with vital minerals that can help to maintain good health.

The Theralux system is also very energy efficient, providing a rejuvenating experience while saving you money on your electricity bills.

Pumps and Products to Improve Efficiency

If you want to maintain a green pool, there are many ways that you can use pumps and filtration systems, as well as other pool products, to your advantage.

For example, at Outback Pools, we sell Sta-Rite pool products. Sta-Rite’s selection of pumps and filters can help to move and improve water efficiently and economically.

For those who want a heated pool, Sunlover heat pumps deliver low operating costs to keep your pool warm and ready. Maytronics are the leaders in eco-friendly pool technology, with a range of environmentally friendly water treatment systems, high-performance cleaners and more.

Looking for ways to create an environmentally friendly pool in Sydney? Talk to the experts at Outback Pools in Penrith today for quality advice on green pool systems and products.

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